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Native seeds, after a period of cold stratification,are ready to get going for spring growth.



Comparing, building, testing cars built from K’nex pieces is the basis for future engineers.

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Another enthusiastic independent project included the exploration of electrical circuits.


Eyeball ornaments demonstrated students’ learning and enthusiasm for the eye!


Glacial modeling and melting in the lab demonstrated common glacial features.

End moraines, lateral moraines, cirques, glacial lakes, headwalls and even glacial grooves could be seen.

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Students created life-sized versions of the Rose Marshmallow, Hisbiscus moscheutos,  plant for an early summer in the science lab.

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Students examined (up-close) the parts of a cow’s eye!




Evaluation of land restoration plan, tasks, and equipment was undertaken by students for future stewardship work.

Native Seeds

Students worked to discover and compare native marsh seeds to understand the types of plants to look for in the spring and summer.



Native plant seeds are different shapes, colors, and sizes. Students used the seeds to learn about the needs of the seeds.  Surprising discoveries were made about the final height of the plants when compared to the tiny seeds!